Our AV integration services offer full design and buildout of audio visual system for board rooms, class rooms and multi media rooms for all types of businesses. 

"Our Goal is to improve our clients success rate THROUGH PROPER PLANNING & EXECUTION of meetings using audio visual communications"

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We can schedule all associated meeting rooms, equipment, and applications and send full schedule details to meeting leaders. 


We are on site to setup, connect, and manage communication tools during the meeting. We trouble shoot problems that may arise during the meeting to make sure each meeting has the best possible out come. 


Our consulting services will help you in all aspects of planning for suitable AV communication rooms and platforms along with planning for hosting live and virtual meetings and conferences.  

Support Technicians: 

Aztech offers AV support technicians to insure that your live meetings, video conference, webcasting, and web conferencing meetings or a mixture of various platforms go off without a hitch. 


We build a full production plan for each meeting to include timelines, equipment, meeting rooms, scheduling outside application services, dry runs, rehearsals and testing. and send plan details to meeting leaders for confirmation. 

As the number of ways to communicate grow and the number of different platforms that need to be cross integrated in each meeting grow, even the biggest companies can struggle at times hosting meetings and conferences. 

In todays world of globalization companies need a cost effective and reliable way to communicate across their enterprise. While there are a number of cookie cutter solutions that work fairly well for basic meetings most companies have grown beyond their offerings and find themselves using a multitude of different platforms to conduct various types of meetings. This is where the service offerings from Aztech A/V thrive. With our experience and industry know how of planning, testing, and conducting live and virtual meetings, or the mixture of the two, our technicians can be onsite to ensure the best possible outcome for each meeting.

Our A/V support technicians can take control of your meeting requests from scheduling and planning to testing and execution. Since our team is dedicated to the task of managing and operating the meeting we will not be side tracked by normal business host or presenter responsibilities. After all what good are first impressions or even a great product and presentation if your message fails to get out due to a failure to communicate because of faulty equipment, unmanaged connections or a limited knowledge of your communication tools. Aztech A/V will take care of the A/V execution and free up your professionals to present their information and land clients. 


We conduct dry runs, rehearsals, and test equipment prior to the meeting to ensure connectivity and operation of all associated hardware and applications.